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Spread the love is an online coupon code site where you can find coupon codes for getting discounts at various online stores. The discount codes published on the site have been tested to work 100%. The site lists both the active and inactive coupon codes. Inactive coupon codes are coupons that have already expired and cannot be used to get a discount anymore. The active promo codes which is valid for obtaining discount on your order is listed under the Active Coupons section. Coupons that are no longer active are listed under the Unreliable Coupons section.

In every coupon code listing, you will see a success rate that shows the percentage of users who use the promo codes and successfully get a discount. Active coupons that are still valid often have a success rate of 97% or more. The best way to determine whether a coupon work is to copy and paste it yourself into the coupon code box in the checkout to see if any discount is applied onto your order.

What Benefits Can You Get From Using a Coupon Code?

Coupon code is a code that usually consists of a mix of alphabetical letters and numerical figures. The coupon code can be characters that appear to be random words and numbers. Sometimes, the code is contains words that give you hints at what type of discount you can get. You should always read the description even though the words in the code may hints at the type of discount it offers.

The coupon codes you find at the site can offer a discount of 15% or more for your order. The coupon may also state that it offers discount of a certain fixed dollar amount. Promo code that provide a discount of a fixed dollar amount usually involves a much smaller amount compared to promo code that states the discount by percentage. Some coupon codes can be used to waive the shipping fee for your order. This allows you to get free shipping no matter how many items you order from the store.

How to Find the Right Coupon Code to Use?

First of all, you must search for the coupon code. Sometimes, you may come across the coupon code through performing a search on the search engines like Google. Otherwise, you can perform a search by using the navigation menu or search box. You can find out the list of coupon codes that are currently being offered by a particular store by accessing the stores menu and navigating to the store. You can also find a coupon code by navigating to the categories of the product via the categories drop down menu. There is a search box on top that you can enter a keyword to search for a promo code that you are looking for.

How to Use a Coupon Code

It is very easy to use a coupon code and save some money on your purchase. It is important to read the title of the coupon code listing so that you know what type of discount it is offering. It is important that you read the coupon title and description before copying it and applying it to your order. The title of the listing let you know how much discounts you can get and what items are eligible for the discount when you apply the coupon towards your order in the checkout. Using the coupon code at best internet deals today coupon site only involves a few steps as listed below:

  • Click on the coupon code
  • Copy the code to the clipboard
  • Open the store site in a new tab and add the items into the shopping cart
  • Paste the code into the box

When you click on the coupon code, a pop up will appear and offers you the option of manually copying the code or open the shopping site in a new tab with the coupon code already applied to the products. To copy the code, you just have to click on the Copy button and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard. You are to paste the code in the respective field in the checkout page by pressing Ctrl + V.

If you prefer to type the code manually, make sure you enter the code exactly as stated on the best internet deals coupon code site. You must take into account the uppercase or lowercase of the letters in the discount code. Most coupon codes use uppercase letters for the alphabetical characters. This means that typing the code in lowercase letters will not work in getting a discount on your order total.

Usually, the coupon code field can be found on the shopping cart page. However, in some online stores, you will only see the coupon code box when you have progressed to the middle of the checkout process. For example, the coupon code field may appear after you have entered your credit card details. The coupon code box may appear on the order review page where you also find the place order button. The amount won’t be deducted from the credit card until after you click the place order button.

You must remember to enter the code into the field before clicking on the place order button so that only the discounted total of will be deducted from your credit card. If the coupon code works, you can click on the thumb up button to let people know that the coupon is good and you did get a discount when applying it to your order in the checkout.

The coupon success rate will increase everytime you click the thumb up button. You can also leave your comment to share your experience in using the coupon. You can click on the Report a Problem link if you found one of the coupons listed under the Active Coupons section not working.

How Do You Know if Your Coupon Code has Been Applied Successfully?

It sounds simple when coming to using a coupon code to take advantage of the best internet deals today. You just have to find the code offering the type of discount you want and enter it into the coupon code field and press the apply button before making payment in the checkout. Most stores would show the discounted amount upfront in the shopping cart after you have entered the promo code.

When it display the discounted amount, you can do some calculation to see if it really deduct the percentage of discount promised by the coupon code. Discount will automatically be applied on eligible orders. If you happen to quit the online store after entering the coupon code, you may have to reenter it when you return to the store again to make the payment.

Why Doesn’t the Coupon Code Work?

Some stores may appear to accept a coupon code but there is no coupon code field for you to type in the promo code. If the coupon code did not work, you can go back to the site to search for another promo code and reenter it. There are a few reasons why a coupon code is not working. You must not assume that all coupon codes can offer general discounts on all items. some coupons will restrict to a particular product or a particular category of product. Some coupons only apply to items included in the best internet deals at the store, for example Christmas Holiday Deals.

Coupons that offer free shipping usually applies to orders shipped locally and not apply to international orders. Order that exceed the maximum weight may also not be qualified for free shipping. in some stores, they have a marketplace that allow other sellers to post sales listings of their own products. For this type of store, the coupon code usually only applies to store’s own product range and not the products sold by other sellers in the marketplace.

Sometimes, the coupon only work if you meet certain requirements which are listed in the terms and conditions published at the site. The link to the terms and conditions page can be found somewhere on the site, for example, homepage, shopping cart and etc. The terms and conditions will states the restrictions for the promotional claim code.

Most promo codes for the best internet deals today have expiry date. This means that the coupon can’t be used to get anymore discount on the expiry date. When the coupon is expired, the online store will usually release new coupon codes. You can check out the latest promo codes released by your favorite store at the best internet deals coupon code site. You are only allowed to use one coupon code per order so you should always choose the best one that provides the biggest discount. On the checkout page, you will only find one coupon code box.

Each household is limited to use one coupon code only. There will be lots of coupon codes that offer huge discounts especially during the holiday seasons like Black Friday, Thanksgivings, and Christmas. So, you must remember to pay a visit to the online coupons site to check out the best internet deals today if you are planning to do your shopping during this period.

How to Use Coupon Codes with Minimum Purchase

There are lots of coupons that require you to meet a minimum purchase. For example, a discount code like 25OFF150 means that you will get a 25% discount on your order only if you make a purchase of at least $150. Normally, the 150 would mean a minimum purchase of $150. The description of the coupon code listing will let you know what that 150 means.

Coupon code with a minimum purchase requirement is useful if you have a lot of things you want to buy from the same store and that the order total meets the minimum purchase requirement. The minimum purchase requirement does not include the shipping cost. To see whether all the items add up to the minimum purchase, you can add them to the shopping cart. The shopping cart will automatically total up the cost of the items you want to purchase.

You can use your calculator to calculate whether you really did save by using the coupon code. Some stores offer discount through a coupon code but the shipping fee they charge is expensive so you actually didn’t save any money at all. You can look for a few coupon codes on the similar product that you want to buy from different stores. After that, you can do the calculation to perform comparison to see which store offers the best value for your money through the use of the promo code.

Spending more at the store always allow you to enjoy a bigger savings. If possible, you should buy more from the store to get the most value for your money. For example, the store is offering a coupon that gives you 15% discount off $100 or 30% discount off $150. You save $15 when you place an order that is worth $100 but you can save $45 if you add another $50 to your order total. Of course, it will only be worthwhile to spend more if you have a good reason to add the additional items into the shopping cart.

It is very hard to come up with an order total that exactly match the minimum spending requirement. You may find that you are very near to meeting the minimum purchase requirement after adding all the items that you want to buy into the shopping cart. It is definitely worthwhile to add another item to meet the minimum in order to take advantage of the benefit offered by the discount code. For example, if the shipping charges is $25, it is worthwhile to add another item worth $25 to the shopping cart to take advantage of the free shipping provided by the discount code.


Nowadays, many online stores offer coupon codes so it is wise to search the web to see if there is any coupon code you can use before making payment for the order. The best internet deals coupon code site is the best place to find coupon code because online stores usually don’t publish the full selection of coupon codes it offers. The coupon site always update its database with new coupons as the online stores release them. In this way, you will always know the latest promo codes that the online store is offering and be able to use it to get discount on your order.