Top Internet Broadband Plans

The price comparison chart that we provide here allows you to compare the price of internet broadband deals or TV networks plans from major providers.

Top Broadband Plans

When you do research online, you will find that there are lots of cable and internet broadband providers and this can make you feel confused as to which one to choose. You might be having a lot of questions like should I choose a cheap ADSL plan? Will a $20 per month broadband package suits my needs or Should you buy an internet and broadband bundle deal?

In this article, you will get all the help you need to find the right broadband internet deals. You just have to enter your postcode and it will return a search result of the providers that provide broadband packages available to your postcode. Here, you will find information on the latest offers we have found on several major providers including BT Infinity, Sky, Virgin Media and Talk Talk. The tool we provide here will save you a lot of time in narrowing down to the most suitable broadband deals that meet your needs.

Here, you will learn about the fibre, internet broadband, and cable TV deals our editors have chosen. You will be able to find a bargain package even though Black Friday has not yet arrived. The information in this article will educate you on the factors that you should consider when you are shopping for a broadband such as speed and in what circumstances you should consider a fiber broadband.

Top Fibre Broadband Plans:

BT Unlimited Infinity

BT is a leading internet provider and it has recently discounted the BT Unlimited Infinity 1 (maximum 52 MB) to under £29.99 per month but there is an upfront fee of £59.99. The speed of the BT Unlimited Infinity 1 package is about 6.5 MB per second, which is significantly faster than the basic package. Even though it is expensive to activate, they will give you a £100 Reward Card that you can use to shop online or at the store. The average monthly cost of the plan for 12 months is £419.87.

Virgin Media Player Bundle

Virgin Media is the sole broadband company offering up to 100 MB internet broadband through the Virgin Media Player Bundle. The bundle includes a cable TV plan that supports more than 70 channels and comes with a 500 GB Tivo box. This bundle is currently on sale and the monthly price is reduced to £33 per month and an upfront fee of £20. After the first year, the monthly cost will increase to £48 per month. The cost for the bundle one year is £416.

Top Broadband and Cable TV Bundle Plans:

NOW TV Brilliant Broadband with Entertainment Pass

NOW does not offer standard cable TV plan like other providers so it is not surprise that the plan will not include any channel that you used to watch on TV. Instead, the plan gives you access to a Smart Box that features more than 250 TV series. It gives you access to Sky Atlantic channel that broadcast the GAME OF THRONES. The yearly cost of the NOW TV Brilliant Broadband with Entertainment Plan is £343.88. The monthly cost is about £24.99 plus you have to pay an upfront setup fees of £44.

Virgin Media Mix Bundle

You can upgrade the Virgin Media Bundle by paying an additional £12 to get access to two times more television channels. With this plan, you will get access to additional channels like Sky 1, Sky Living channel, MTV, TCM and Cartoon Network. The monthly cost for the Virgin Media Mix Bundle is £45 per month and £560 per year.

Top Broadband Plans:

Sky Broadband Unlimited

Sky puts an end to the cash card promotion and instead, they start offering discount on the standard ADSL internet package, Sky Broadband Unlimited (maximum 17 MB). Now, it costs just £15 per month to subscribe o the Sky Broadband Unlimited but you also have to pay an upfront fee of £19.95. It is a great deal because you can get a whole year of broadband for under £200. The total cost of the plan is £199.95 per year.

Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 38

Many people thought that Vodafone is only a mobile phone network but Vodafone also offers fibre broadband deal. Vodafone fibre broadband deal is one of the cheapest in the market. There is no upfront fee and they will give you a free gift if you subscribe to the package prior to the 9th September. You get to choose your free gift with Sonos speaker and Sennheiser being some of the cool stuff that you can choose. If you want to learn about Vodafone broadband package, you should contact them. The Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 38 is an 18 months subscription plan that costs £450 per year.

How Much Broadband Speed Do You Need

Fibre broadband has ultra fast speed and may be too expensive for those who just want to provide basic internet connection in their household. If you just need a basic internet connection, you can subscribe to a cheaper ADSL internet package.

Often, when you shop for internet broadband package online, you’ll find that the package shows the internet speed in megabits per second. The more MB/sec, the faster your internet connection will be. The speed stated on the advertisement is the maximum speed that the internet can achieve. You may or may not get the speed that is advertised. One of the factors that influence the address of your home.

Entry level broadband features an internet connection speed up to 25 MB and it usually relies on ADSL connection. The average speed of an entry level broadband internet connection is 2.1 MB per second. At this speed, at least 2 people can connect to the internet and perform basic activities like surfing the web and check email. This connection speed is too slow for streaming movies and TV shows online.

Almost every major providers provide rapid fibre broadband package which has an internet connection speed of 25 – 50 MB. Rapid fibre broadband package is suitable for household that need connection on 4 – 5 devices. With a rapid fibre broadband package, you can do various types of internet activities including movie streaming, surf the web and download stuff on the internet.

The superfast fibre internet broadband connection is for those who want to stream 4K TV online. This is the most expensive type of broadband package but you will definitely not face any lag with the internet connection. Many major providers also often provide rewards in this type of broadband package.

Where Can I Find Fibre Broadband?

To find out what fibre broadband package is available in your area, you simply scroll up to the top of this page and enter your postcode in the box.

It is estimated that about 90% of homes in the UK offer fibre broadband internet connection. Virgin Media plan is sign up by about 60% of those who have fix internet at home.

How Long Should I Subscribe to the Broadband Plan?

The majority of the broadband providers offer plans with minimum 1 year subscription. Some providers also offer broadband plans with longer terms such as 18 months just like the mobile phone contracts that they are currently offering.

There are also a few providers that offer short term contracts that last for just 30 days. The disadvantage of short term internet broadband plan is that it usually requires expensive upfront fee.

If at first, when you sign up for the plan, it has a reduced plan due to the promotion, you should expect the monthly fee to increase at the end of the promotional period.

Is There Any Upfront Fee I Have to Pay When Subscribing to a Broadband Plan?

Some internet broadband packages charge setup fees as the upfront fees that can cost in between £10 – £60. TalkTalk is one of the providers that did not charge any upfront fee permanently. There are many other provides that waive the upfront fees in promotions that they regularly launch from time to time.

Besides the upfront fees, you can also expect to have to pay for a few fees such as TV set top box and router delivery fee. BT and EE are two providers that charge the router delivery fees.

Does the Broadband Plan Includes Free Landline or Do I Have to Subscribe to a Landline Phone Plan?

If you use landline to make phone calls, you don’t have to pay additional money to subscribe to a land line plan because many broadband bundle plan also include landline services.

However, if you make a lot of phone calls with a landline phone, it is recommended that you subscribe to a special call plan. The monthly bill can increase significantly if you choose a plan that allows you to make unlimited calls including domestic and international calls.

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