Altice USA Debuts Gigabit Fiber Services for Long Island



Altice USA has just launched Altice Gigabit fiber services for residential customers on Long Island. It is the fastest internet service on Long Island. The fiber internet is delivered via the new fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network based on the latest optical fiber technology in Altice Labs. Customers will use the giga optics router and WiFi device to connect to the gigabit fiber internet at home.

Currently, only selected areas of Long Island has access to Altice fiber internet service but they said they also plan to offer it in more areas on Long Island and in New York region. It is currently offering up to 400 mbps internet plan to residential customers and 450 mbps internet to business customers on the HFC network. Altice USA said that it plans on improving the hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) network by offering gigabit services next year.

Hakim Boubazine, the copresident of Altice USA said that Altice Gigabit fiber service is only the first step that they take to improve their network. He said they plan on activating a full fiber network that feature a smart Wi-Fi feature on the HFC network in the near future. The smart Wi-Fi will automatically switch to different frequencies depending on the device. Their goal is to offer up to 10 gigabit internet services to meet the increasing demand of data usage.

Dexter Goei, the chairman and CEO of Altice USA, said that they are happy with the achievements they have made so far. They hope that they can introduce more innovative products and services for customers. With Altice Gigabit services, customers can watch ultra high definition and high definition videos on the internet.

Customers can have optimal online gaming experience when playing big games online. Large files can be downloaded fast from the internet without having to wait for a few days. It allows you to enjoy optimum experience when playing virtual reality games. You can make video calls and chat on your computer smoothly without any silence in between.

The WiFi extender services offers increased coverage in all the corners of your home. The Wi-Fi extender service allows you to control the Wi-Fi availability in your entire house through an app. The gigabit service is great for household with a lot of people staying that needs internet connection for their devices.

Altice USA has just become independent of Altice NV and has formed its own organization after merging with Cablevision and Suddenlink. Altice USA is one of the top broadband providers in USA. Besides broadband services, it also offer cable television and telephone services. Customers that subscribe to Altice USA broadband plan will have access to free wi-fi hot spot.

At the moment, Altice USA has a base of approximately 4.9 millions customers including residential and business customers. Recently, it has debuted its gigabit services in 7 different cities including Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. They want to offer 1 Gbps broadband to up to 60% of Suddenlink customers.

Last month, Altice USA has successfully established its Altice Business unit which consists of departments such as Lightpath, Optimum Business and Suddenlink. Altice Business Unit offers several types of services including voice, video and managed services.

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