AT&T Temporarily Lift Data Caps in Response to Corona Virus Pandemic

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Due to the corona virus epidemic, two big ISP companies have changed a few details in their home internet broadband plans to encourage working and studying from home.

AT&T is waiving overage fees and removing data cap after learning that the government is advising everyone including employees, and students to stay at home. According to Motherboard’s report, many customers of AT&T are already enjoying unlimited internet access after the data overage fees are waived. AT&T is also offering internet data to families who have limited income at only $10/month through Access. Data caps and overage fees are not charged in every internet plans so you should check with your ISP provider.

In response to the corona virus, Comcast is currently offering 60 days trial for the Essentials internet service plan for new customers. For a temporary period, the Xfinity Wi-Fi hot spots will also be given free access to everyone. They are also pausing their data plan so that their customers can enjoy unlimited data for free.

Dana Strong of Comcast stated that using internet at home becomes all the more important after American families have been encouraged to stay at home due to corona virus during an interview with Business Insider. Comcast’s Essential service costs $9.95/month in regular price. In addition, Comcast also announced that they will improve the speed of their internet plan from 15/2 Mbps to 25/3 Mbps for all customers. The upgraded speed will be a standard for their internet plans.

Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel of the Federal Communications Commision’s Democratic stated her concerns for those who choose to work and learn from home with internet might exceed the data limit and get a penalty charge from their internet service providers. She said that it is unfair to encourage people to work and learn online and then learning afterward that they have to pay a premium fee for it.

Many educational institutions, government offices, and lawyer offices have been shut down and employees are told to work from home until the corona virus epidemic is over. The infectious disease official in the US said that they can no longer rely on their testing systems. The travel restrictions imposed by President Donald Trump is also getting criticized by the people in Europe. Up to date, there is not a single ISP provider that has yet to notice any slow down in their network after encouraging Americans to stay at home to use the internet.

Spectrum is also prepared to face peak usage during this period. They told Business Insider that their servers are durable enough to endure overload use that frequently occur in the evening so it should be no problem for them to deal with it if it occur in the day time.

In a statement with Business Insider, Altice revealed that it has recently invested in new technology to improved their network capacity so that they can satisfy their customers’ demands. This include setting up contingency plans in case there is an overload usage on their servers.

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