Full fibre now more popular than ADSL2+ in KCOM Hull area



KCOM engineer attaching fibre to outside of property in Hull

For those who have gone full fibre invariably there is no going back but the difficult part is getting people to order the upgrades, and thus the milestone announced by KCOM is an important one, i.e. the number of customers connected to the FTTP network is higher than those on the ADSL2+ copper services. Raw coverage of the Lightstream product is reported by the company as running at 75% and was passed at the end of December 2017.

KCOM engineer attaching fibre to outside of property in Hull
Exterior work installing final fibre drop for KCOM Lightstream

I am delighted that more people than ever have access to and are benefiting from our Lightstream fibre broadband.

We’re connecting a new customer to our Lightstream service every 20 minutes, showing the demand for our world-leading broadband speeds is greater than ever. Our commitment to continued investment will cement Hull’s reputation as the digital capital of the UK.

Cathy Phillips, KCOM’s chief marketing officer

The Lightstream roll-out is set to reach a goal of 100% by March 2019, with a pace of around 3,000 premises being added to the current 150,000 every month. The FTTP footprint is going to be slightly shy of 100%, as there is around 4% of VDSL2 deployed and it would not surprise us that this VDSL2 may get overlaid with FTTP as full fibre services and the speeds on offer become more attractive.

Our tracking of the roll-outs in Hull currently has the deployment sat at 143,479 premises which is a little shy of the figures given by KCOM but in January our focus was much more tracking the burst of Openreach activity towards the end of 2017, so hopefully during February we can chase down the missing premises. If you have recently just got KCOM Lightstream installed then running a speed test will help us spot new areas rather than randomly searching the areas in the final 25%.

For those waiting on the roll-out to reach them we believe that the next areas in the coming months will be Bransholme, Orchard Park, Little Weighton and Walkington and while a lot of the full fibre deployment is in ducting people may see now poles appearing to support overhead fibre as they fill in the various corners of the deployment.


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