New Plusnet fibre offers



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New Plusnet fibre offers

Plusnet has tweaked its FTTC/VDSL2 pricing with the new offers set to run until 24th April and are based on a 12 month contract.

Outside of the low cost areas there is an extra £7.50 per month to pay.

For existing customers (which means those who signed up before 4th March) there is a set of price rises to take notice of that will take effect on 5th June 2018. The rules set by Ofcom mean that even those in the minimum term of their contract can migrate away without penality if they leave within 30 days of the notification of price rises, but you need to do some research to make sure that things like activation fees don’t wipe out any savings from a move. If you have paid a lump sum for Line Rental Saver a pro-rata refund will be due if you leave with outstanding balance.

The main change is that those on the following products: Essentials, Essentials Fibre, Extra, Extra Fibre, Unlimited, Unlimited Fibre, Value, Value Fibre, Fibre and Fibre Extra will see the monthly cost increase by £1. Additionally there are other increases such as the call set-up fee rising from 21p to 22p.

The price rises are partially offset by the caller display feature which is currently 99p per month dropping to free. This is a move not done for love and will apply to all telephone line services since Ofcom is banning charging for caller ID from October, as part of a number of measures to reduce the amount of spam like phone calls.

Price rises for broadband given the changes at the wholesale level that Ofcom is imposing on the 40/10 FTTC service is a bit confusing, but while it may look simplistic lose of 99p revenue from caller display balanced by a £1 rise in broadband package pricing seems set to balance out the ARPU on the balance sheet. In previous years the wholesale line rental price was flat or falling and there was still annual price rises, things like moving call centres back to the UK and thus higher prices, or employing more call centre staff are the usual reasons cited.


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