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Bright House Networks is a media company that offers television, internet and home security services. Bright House Networks has a customer base of 2.2 millions consumers, which is 1.4 of the prospective customers in the coverage area. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Syracuse, New York. It is listed as the 6th largest cable internet provider in the USA. It is also ranked as the 10th largest multichannel video service provider. The company operates two 24 hour news agencies including Central Florida News 13 and Bay News 9. It focuses on offering its cable services in Central Florida although it also provide services to 5 other areas.

Bright House Networks’ television plan allows you to watch television shows on your mobile devices. You will be able to watch live TV programs and on demand videos at any place that has internet connection. It is compatible with apps such as HBO GO, and Nickelodeon depending on which television plan you subscribe. You can sign up for the Bright House DVR to record the TV shows live. Bright House DVR allows you to record up to 6 TV shows and it offers twice the amount of storage compared to other devices.

Bright House offers a number of internet plans including standard internet, lightning 50, lightning 100, lightning 200 and lightning 300. Echo home networking allows your home network to connect to the internet via wireless or wired. Echo home networking offers a more stable internet connection throughout your home by getting rid of the dead WiFi zone. They will waive the service charge for Echo home networking if you join the lightning 200 plan.

Customers that sign up for the Standard Plan or above will get to enjoy free internet connection at the Wi-Fi Hotspots provided by Bright House Network. There are more than two hundred thousands of Bright House Wi-Fi hotspots which allows you to connect to the internet for free. They have 55,000 BHN Secure Hot Spots and 150,000 TWC WIFI-Passpoint hotspots.

Bright House Network telephone plans allows you to make phone calls to your friend in local or international location. You will be able to read text version of your voice mail and you can also listen to the voice mail by using the Easy Gadget app. You can find out who is calling you via their TV screen via the caller ID on TV feature. The Speed Dial feature allows you to conveniently dial the most frequently called telephone numbers in just a single touch. It supports 3 way calling so you can add a third party to the telephone conversion. The E911 feature allows the emergency dispatchers to know the name, address and phone number registered on your phone plan when you dial the emergency number.

Besides, Bright House also offer home security services that allows you to control features such as security camera, and door bells when you are away from. They have a home management system app that allows you to control these security features by just using the touch screen on your mobile phone.

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Spectrum is offering TV Select + Internet at only $89.98/month for up to 12 months. The TV Select package includes more than 125 channels (HD included) allowing you to enjoy thousands of On Demand mov... more ››

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Charter Spectrum is offering the Internet 100 Mbps + Voice for only $59.98/month for the first year. After the 12 months, you will be billed with the regular price at $84.98/month. So, you save $25 in... more ››

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Charter Spectrum is offering high speed internet (up to 100 Mbps) at $44.99/month for the first year. At this promo price, you will be able to save up to $200 in the first year. The promo price for th... more ››

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Get Up to $500 Contract Buyout When You Switch to Spectrum Triple Play

Spectrum can buy out your contract for up to $500 if you are stuck and want to switch to them. They will also help you to pay the early termination fee of the old provider. To get the $500 contract bu... more ››

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Now, you can save up to $200 when you order Spectrum TV + Internet + Voice online. They are offering free internet installation, free Wifi setup, free HD & free DVR service as part of the Winter s... more ››

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Single Plays – Spectrum Internet For $44.99/mo

Single Plays - Spectrum Internet For $44.99/mo... more ››


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