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Cox Communications

Cox Communications specializes in offering telecommunication services in the USA. It operates as a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises. It ranks in the third position as one of the largest cable television provider in the USA. Additionally, it is also the 7th largest telephone carrier in the USA. Up to date, it has a customer base of over 6.2 million customers. Cox Communications was founded in 1954 and its headquarter is located at Sandy Springs, in Georgia.

Cox Communications offers a number of television packages. They offer a feature called Smart Search that allows you to search for your favorite movies or TV shows quickly. There are more than one hundred channels and it supports more than 80 network apps. The HBO subscriptions offer television shows and movies that are featured on On Demand. Some of the feature shows on HBO are Game of Thrones, Banshee, and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Cox Sports Packs offers live sports shows that feature popular sports shows like NBA League, NFL Redzone, NHL Center Ice, and Ten Network. The Movie Pak offers 1,200 movies per month. There are also thousands of shows on EpiX IFC.

Cox telephone plan allows you to make unlimited local calls and they also offer discounts for households with low income. The Cox app is compatible with Android and iOS phones and it offers feature such as pay your bill conveniently. The enhanced 911 service will automatically for3ard the number of your telephone and the registered address to the emergency personnel. Cox phone service also offer other features such as written transcripts for voice mails, call forwarding, call blocking, international calling and see who call your phone from their TV.

Cox offers very fast home Wifi internet plan that supports up to 200 Mbps downloading speed. The fast internet connection allows you to play games online or surf the web or download files without any interruption. Signing up with Cox High Speed Internet Preferred plan or higher plans will give you access to more than four hundred thousands Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide. The name for Cox Wi-Fi hotspots are CoxWIFI and CableWIFI.

They offer you to 10 email accounts and every email account can support up to 2GB of storage. In addition, you will get a free account at Cloud Drive online cloud storage. You can store any file on Cloud Drive including videos, photos and etc. They also provide free internet security software to protect your computer from virus, and malware when you are browsing webpages on the internet. The Cox Security Suite Plus will work on all kinds of OS including Android, desktop, and Macs. You can use the Cox Security Suite Plus to protect up to 5 devices.

Besides, Cox Communications also offers home security plans that allows you to monitor your home for 24/7 when you are not at home. Cox Homelife only requires internet connection to work. It will quickly notify you in the event that your alarm is tripped. It has safety sensor and can detect the elevel of carbon monoxide or water leaks or flood at home.

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Sign Up for the Bronze Duo Plan at Only $89.99/Month

Cox Communications is offering the Bronze Duo plan for just $89.99/month. Bronze Duo is a bundle of the Cox Internet Preferred 100 plan and the Cox Contour TV plan. Cox Internet Preferred features 100... more ››

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Cox Silver Bundle with Phone is now on sale for just $109.99/month for up to 12 months when you purchase it online on Cox Communications for a limited time. The bundle includes Cox Internet Ultimate 3... more ››

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Cox Internet Gigablast is now on sale for just $119.99/month on Cox. With Cox Internet Gigablast, you can enjoy up to 1 Gigabit of download speed. The maximum upload speed it can reach is up to 35 mbp... more ››

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Sign Up Internet Essential 30 at Cox Communications at Just $39.99/Month

Cox Communications is offering Internet Essential 30 Mbps for only $39.99/month for up to 12 months. At this price, you are saving up to 38% off the regular price. After 1 year, you will be paying the... more ››

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Save Up to 36% on Contour Flex, Phone Premier and Internet Ultimate

Contour Flex, Phone Premier and Internet Ultimate is 36% off and costs only $109.99/month. For the first 12 months., you will be paying the promo price. The Internet Ultimate package features 300 Mbps... more ››

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Save Up to 48% on Cox Contour Flex, Phone Premier and Internet Essential 30

Cox Contour Flex, Phone Premier and Internet Essential 30 is currently 48% off and only $69.99 per month. The promo price for the bundle plan is only valid for up to 12 months. The bundle includes int... more ››

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Sign Up Cox Internet Ultimate for Only $79.99/Month

Cox Internet Ultimate is now 24% off and costs only $79.99/month for up to 12 months. Regularly, the monthly price is $104.99/month. This internet plan features up to 300 Mbps download speed and 30 Mb... more ››

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Sign Up Cox Bronze Bundle with Phone for Only $89.99/Month

Cox Bronze Bundle with Phone is now only $89.99 for up to 12 months. You save 52% on this deal. The regular price costs $187.97/month. Cox Bronze Bundle with Phone includes the Internet Preferred 100 ... more ››

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Enjoy Up to 54% Savings on Cox Gold Bundle with Gigablast and Phone

Cox Gold Bundle with Gigablast and Phone is 54% off and priced at only $149.99/month now. The price stays the same for up to 12 months. The Cox Silver Gold Bundle with Gigablast plan is the best bundl... more ››

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Enjoy 57% Savings on Cox Gold Bundle

Cox Gold Bundle with Phone now gets up to 57% off and the monthly subscriptions cost only $120.00/month. The offer term is valid for up to 12 months. Cox Gold Bundle features download speed of 300 Mbp... more ››

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50% Off First Year For At Least One Premium Cable Package, Premium Internet, And Unlimi...

Get 50% off First year for at least one premium cable package, premium internet, and unlimited long distance phone service (regularly $198 per month).... more ››


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