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Google Fiber offers high speed internet and cable television services in a few places in the USA. The company was founded on the 10th February 2010. It has more than one hundred thousand customers according to the statistic by the end of 2015. It first offer its services to the metropolitan area in Kansas City for 3 years. It later expanded its coverage to include other areas such as Austin, San Antonio, Raleigh and Nashville.

Google Fiber restructured its company by offering its products via the Alphabet Inc. Prior to officially offering the services, they launch a trial nearby to the Stanford University in Palo Alto in California. They decided to choose Kansas City as the first city for receiving the Google Fiber on the 30th March of 2011. The second and third cities they chose are Austin in Texas and Provo in Utah.

Google Fiber offers several types of internet plans depending on your locations. The Fiber 1000 + TV offers a download and upload speed of up to 1,000 Mbps. There is not cap on the amount of data that you can transfer over the internet. This plan includes television service and you can choose from more than 150 channels. Fiber 1000 + TV includes all the necessary hardware including TV box, TV remote control and 8 tuner DVR with 2GB of storage capacity.

Fiber 1000 offers a download and upload speed of up to 1,000 Mbps and there is no need to cap the data. Both the Fiber 1,000 + TV plan and Fiber 100 plan offer 1 TB of cloud storage which you can use for storing your files and photos. Another plan, the Fiber 100 plan, offers a download and upload speed of up to 100 Mbps.

Google Fiber also offer a basic internet plan with a download and upload speed of up to 5 Mbps. The 5 Mbps plan has zero charges per month but you have to make a one time payment of $300 for the construction fee. The free Google Fiber internet plan is only available to selected households. If you don’t want to pay the $300 construction fee at a single time, you can pay by installment of $25 per month for 1 year. All plans will offer you a free complimentary network box. The network box allows you to enjoy high performance Wi-Fi via the IPv4 and IPv6. You will be able to use My Fiber to manage the network.

First of all, you must check whether they offer services at your address at the Google Fiber website. If they do offer the internet services, you can sign up by the deadline of the fiber hoods. After they have completed the construction, they will inform you and schedule for a time to install the equipments. Google Fiber not only offer their services for residential homes but they also offer their services to apartments and condos. You can go to their site to find out whether the apartment or condo where you live in is covered.

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Sign Up Google Fiber 100 Mbps + TV at only $140/Month

Google is offering the Google Fiber 100 Mbps + TV plan for just $140/month. With this plan, there is no term contract. They also do not put any data cap. You must pay $100 upfront fee when you subscri... more ››

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Sign Up 1000 Mbps + TV + Phone Plan for Just $170/Month on Google Fiber

Google Fiber is offering the 1000 Mbps + TV + Phone plan for only $170/month. There is no term contract which means you can cancel at any time without any penalty. It also does not put any data cap. T... more ››

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Sign Up Google Fiber 1000 Mbps At Only $70/Month

Now, you can sign up for the Google Fiber 1000 Mbps at just $70/month and $100 upfront fee. With this plan, there is no contract. It has completely no data cap. You get free modem and don't have to pa... more ››

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Free $610 Credits When You Trade In Your Smartphone and Activate it on Google Fi Basics...

Google Fi is having a promotion going on for trade-in phones. They will give you maximum $610 credits when you trade in an approved smartphone. The credits will be refunded back to your credit card. T... more ››

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Sign Up Fiber Business 250 at Only $100/Month

Fiber Business 250 is now just $100/month on Google Fiber. Fiber Business 250 features up to 250 mbps of download and upload speed. It takes about 8 minutes to download 100 GB of data. There is no cap... more ››

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Sign Up Google Fiber 1000 for Just $250/Month

The fastest Google Fiber business internet plan, Fiber Business 1000 is now on sale at only $250/month. Fiber Business 1000 features up to 1K download speed and the same speed also applies to the uplo... more ››

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Sign Up Fiber 1000 + Local TV at $95/Month

Fiber 1000 + Local TV now costs only $95/month to subscribe. The Fiber 1000 plan features up to 1GB of download speed and 1 GB of upload speed. The 1GB internet speed allows you to download videos at ... more ››

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Sign Up Google Fiber 100 for $50/Month

Google Fiber 100 which features up to 100 Mbps download speed and also 100 Mbps upload speed can now be signed up for only $50 per month. The Google Fiber site says that it will takes 6 minutes to dow... more ››

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Sign Up Fiber 1000 + TV for $160/Month

Google Fiber is offering the double play plan with up to 1000 Mbps internet + TV for only $160 per month. You can enjoy a download and upload speed of up to 1000 Mbps. The TV plan includes over 220 HD... more ››

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Google Fiber 100Mbps + TV + Phone

Google Fiber 100 + TV plan features 100 Mbps speed in both the download and upload speed. At 100 Mbps speed, it will take around 6 minutes to download the entire HD movie. The Fiber 100 + TV bundle pl... more ››

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