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RCN Corporation is a Princeton based cable provider that provides digital telephone, digital television and internet services in 1993. RCN Corporation was founded by David McCourt and another company called Peter Kiewit Sons Inc in 1993. It offers high speed fiber optic and traditional dial up internet services customers primarily in five areas including Boston, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Chicago. There are 130 cable franchises of RCN corporation. It is ranked as the 10th biggest cable broadband provider in the USA as it has about 3.8 millions subscribers in the coverage areas.

RCN Corporation offers 4 types of internet plans. The lowest internet plan offers 10 Mbps download speed which is suitable for you if you just want to connect 1 – 2 devices to the internet. The 50 Mbps internet plan is fast enough for downloading music and movies online and playing games online. With the 50 Mbps internet plan, you can connect 3 – 4 devices to the internet. The fastest internet plan supports a high internet speed of up to 155 Mbps and is ideal for people who want to set up a LAN with more than 4 devices.

RCN offers a few types of television plans including cable TV, Double Play and Triple Play. The television plan features more than 284 channels including ESPN, Food Network and Disney Channel. Double Play bundles together internet and television packages. Double Play offers a download speed of up to 155 Mbps and this plan also bundle with a TV plan that allows you to choose from more than 70 signature digital television channels. The 155 Mbps internet plan and Double Play plan requires the installation of a 3 in 1 gateway. Triple Play is a bundle of 155 Mbps internet, television and telephone.

RCN offers various types of television packages including pay per view, on Demand, premier channel, sports, HBO, Starz, and international channels. There are 80 international channels in 14 different languages such as Spanish, Hindi and Portuguese. The digital basic TV plan offers more than 71 channels while the signature TV plan offers more than 284 channels. The premiere + Signature TV offers a total of 397 channels.

RCN telephone plan supports unlimited nationwide calling that also cover Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada. The telephone plan offers 17 useful features that you can use for your phone. The anonymous call rejection feature allows you to block phone calls from anonymous callers that you are not acquainted. The basic digital voicemail feature can store up to 20 voice mails for up to 30 days.

You can forward your calls to a different telephone when the line is busy. You can set up to forward the call to a different number after 6 rings. There is the feature for activating/deactivating the call forward feature if you are not at home. The distinctive ring allows you to connect to 2 phone numbers on a single line, with each having a different phone ring. Other features it support are call logs, call return, repeat calls, speed dial, three way calling, call waiting and caller ID.

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Cover WIFI In All Corners with RCN Eero

RCN Eero allows you to enjoy WIFI in every corner of your home. The enhanced wifi will work regardless of the shape and size of your home. You can add multiple eeros as needed. The eero app allows you... more ››

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Sign Up Premiere Family & Children for Just $7.99/Month

Premiere Family & Children is now only $7.99/month for up to 12 months. Premier Family & Children channels feature a variety of family friendly TV programmes. Some of the channels included in ... more ››

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Sign Up 4 Tuner DVR Whole Home Bundle Powered by TiVo at Only $20/Month

For a limited time, the 4 Tuner DVR Whole Home Bundle Powered by TiVo costs just $20/month on RCN DC Metro. The 4 Tuner DVR Whole Home Bundle comes with a DVR that allows you to record up to 4 HD show... more ››

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Sign Up 6 Tuner DVR Whole Home Bundle Powered by TiVo for Just $20/month

The 6 Tuner DVR Whole Home Bundle Powered by TiVo is now only $20/month on RCN for a limited time. With this bundle, you can record 6 HD shows simultaneously with the DVR. Every month, you can watch u... more ››

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Sign Up 50 Mbps Internet at RCN Boston for Only $29.99/Month

RCN Boston now charges only $29.99/month for the 50 mbps internet plan. The special promo allows you to pay the discounted price for the first 12 months Like all other RCN internet plans, you get a st... more ››

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Sign Up 500 Mbps Internet for Just $49.99/Month on RCN Boston

RCN Boston is offering the 500 Mbps internet plan for just $49.99/month for a limited time period. This special promo price will only be valid in the first 12 months. When you sign up for this plan, y... more ››

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Sign Up Double Plan 155 Mbps Internet + Signature TV at $84.99/Month

RCN Chicago is offering the Double Play plan that features 155 Mbps internet + signature TV for just $84.99/month. You don't have to choose any contract. If you choose a 1 year contract, you will be c... more ››

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Sign Up 330 Mbps TV Bundle Plan at RCN Chicago at $44.99/Month

RCN Chicago Is offering up to 330 Mbps internet TV bundle plan for just $44.99/month. Previously they are offering half the speed at this same price. The bundle comes with digital TV, showtime and TMC... more ››

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Sign Up Double Play 50 Mbps Internet + Digital Basic TV for Just $39.99/Month

RCN Boston is offering Double Play 50 Mbps internet + Digital Basic TV at $39.99/month. It features a download speed of up to 50 Mbps and more than 57 channels for you to watch. It does not involve yo... more ››

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Sign Up 1 Gig internet + SHOWTIME and The Movie Channel at RCN DC Metro at $49.99/Month...

RCN DC Metro is offering 1 Gig internet + SHOWTIME and the movie channel for just $49.99/month. The plan features no contract and the early termination fee is waived. The offer is valid until the 30th... more ››

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