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Verizon High Speed Internet

Verizon high speed internet is provided by the Verizon Communications Inc, a leading American broadband company with headquarter located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Verizon was originally incorporated in Delaware as Bell Atlantic in 1984. Verizon has roots with Baby Cells along with two other companies including SBC Communications and CenturyLink. Verizon plans is suitable for people who are going to download a lot of stuff on the internet. Verizon plans have capped data transfer monthly limit unlike T-Mobile which offers unlimited plan.

Verizon offers 5 types of high speed internet plans with the smallest plant offering a data transfer monthly limit of up to 1GB. The medium plan offers 3 GB data transfer monthly and is suitable for people who just want to use internet on a single device. For those who need internet on two devices, they can choose the large plan which offers 6GB data transfer limit.

The XL plan offers twice the data transfer limit compared to L plan and allow you to use up to 12 GB data per month. They are now offering a promotion for XL plan customers where you get an additional 8 GB of bonus data for free at the same price. The highest plan, XLL offers up to 18GB data transfer monthly limit and is suitable for household who want to use internet on at least 4 devices. Both the XL and XXL plans come with 2 bonus GB per month. You can purchase additional data at $15 for every 1 GB if you exceed the data limit.

Verizon offers a wide range of phone devices and the retail price of the phone is added into your monthly bill in the 2 year installment. It costs about $20 -$30 per month depending on the phone model you choose. They will require you to pay the first month installment when you purchase the phone. There is no option to repay in a larger amount and the only time they let you pay extra is when you want to upgrade.

You must pay off at least 50% of the current plan before they will allow you to upgrade and they also do not offer any trade in program. However, you won’t have to pay for any upgrade fee when you upgrade. You can cancel your plan at anytime but you will still be responsible of clearing the remaining payment for the device at the due date stated in the bill. If you have paid for the full amount, you can cancel the plan and the device will be yours. If you use Verizon on a device, you won’t be able to use other carriers on the same device. This means that you have to purchase another phone if you change to a different carrier like T-Mobile.

If you are a new customer, they will first perform a credit check to make sure your credit score meets the minimum requirement. In addition, new customers have to pay for the $40 activation fee and the device payment plan also does not include the insurance fee for the smartphone.

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Get $240 Credits with Purchase of Motorola moto z4 at Verizon

Verizon is offering the Motorola moto z4 for just $10/month with a 24 months contract. With this offer, you save $240 on the original price. The $240 savings will be deposited to your account in the f... more ››

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Verizon Deal – Save $50 on GoPro HERO 7 (Only $349.99 After Discount)

GoPro HERO7 Black is now just $349.99 after a $50 discount on Verizon. GoPro Hero 7 is a 12 MP action camera that can be used to record up to 1080p resolution videos. It is equipped with HyperSmooth V... more ››

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Verizon Deal – Buy Motorola G7 Power at Only $5/Month with Purchase of a New Line...

Motorola moto g7 power now starts at only $5/month on Verizon. To qualify for this deal, you must purchase the device at $240. After that, they will apply a $120 promo credit to your account. Credits ... more ››

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Verizon Deal – Save $100 on the New Apple iPad Mini

Verizon is offering instant $100 discount with purchase of the new Apple iPad mini on a 2 year or 1 year installment. If you purchase the device in cash, they will also give you $100 discount in the f... more ››

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Choose Any 3 Phone Accessories at Only $99.99 on Verizon

Verizon is having an offer on phone accessories. If you buy 3 accessories, they will only charge you $99.99. First, you choose the case for the phone. There are lots of branded designer cases for you ... more ››

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Verizon Deal – Get Second Galaxy S10e Free with Purchase of 128GB Galaxy Phone

Verizon is having a buy one free one deal on Samsung Galaxy. With this BOGO deal, you will get a free Galaxy S10e when you purchase an eligible 128GB Samsung Galaxy phone. You must buy the device at $... more ››

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Buy Motorola Moto e5 Play for Free with Purchase of a New Line on Verizon

Motorola moto e5 play is free when you add a new line on Verizon. There is no need to trade in your device. You must wait for 3 billing cycles to see the credits in your account. They will send the cr... more ››

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Verizon Deal – Save $100 on the New iPad Air

The new iPad Air is only $529.99 when you select the 2 year contract on Verizon. It is a $100 discount from the original retail price of $629.99. If you purchase the phone on device payment, you will ... more ››

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Get Up to $498.98 Credits with Purchase of iPhone XR and iPad at Verizon

iPhone XR and iPad are now available from $30/month each at Verizon online store for a limited time. If you want to enjoy this deal, you must purchase the iPhone XR 64 GB priced at $749.99 and iPad 9.... more ››

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Verizon Deal – Get Up to $950 Off on RED Hydrogen One

Verizon is offering up to $950 discount on RED Hydrogen One with trade-in. With this offer, you will get a $200 visa reward card and $300 promo credit. Plus, if you trade in your phone, you will get a... more ››

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