T-Mobile CEO Attends a Meeting with Sprint Employees in Kansas

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The merging of Sprint and T-Mobile is postponed while the FCC carries out examination on the broadband wireless products offered by both cable companies. The examination is carried out to prevent issues related to antitrust occur after the merging. The FCC is just doing its job on protecting consumers from competitions. Both cable companies are to attend the evidentiary hearing set by The California Public Utilities Commission. The decision will only be revealed by June.

The 14 point review that the commission wants to conduct could stall the merging of Sprint and T-Mobile as they attempt to get fast regulatory approval. Sprint and T-Mobile has talked about merging into a single company for many months. The $26.5 billion merging was proposed in April this year. If the merging succeed, it will reduce the wireless provider to 3.

Tammera Chafee, a representative of Communication Workers of America said that they just want to make sure that John Legere promise that the merging will not affect the 4,100 jobs in the Kansas City area and that they will also do what they can to protect the 28,000 jobs that are forecast to lost after the merging. This is a big issue since Sprint is a large company in Kansas City area.

Recently, T-Mobile CEO has made a visit to Sprint Campus in Overland Park which shows that it values the presence of Sprint in the community. The Overland Park Chamber of Commerce has given his compliments on the merging. Dave Tovar, the spokesman for Sprint, told the press that Neville Ray and many others including Braxton Carter, and Sunit Patel has attended it. The meeting provides an opportunity for the T-Mobile team to introduce themselves. They also talk about how they can integrate Sprint into Bellevue. Tovar said the merging is something John Legere and Mike Sievert want to do.

During the meeting, Leger has given positive encouragement to Sprint employees on their talents. He also offer comparison between Overland Park campus and the second headquarter of Amazon. Legere has also talked with a number of Sprint employees. Some employees have posted photos of themselves with their possible new boss on Twitter. Employees can ask question through texting. The text must include the name of the employee and the location of his office. After the meeting, everyone goes outside to celebrate with music and food trucks.

T-Mobile does not have any responsibility to retain Sprint campus or meet a job quota. However, they will just try to prevent sending hundreds of workers into retrenchment. Oltjen said the intention is for the company to be strong in Washington and Kansas City area as well as to offer strong job opportunities for customers.

Comcast is the largest cable provider in the US. Comcast has provided a new wireless product last year and over 780K customers have signed up. Comcast provide its wireless services through Verizon Communications Inc. airwaves. It also offer over 19 millions Wi-Fi hotspots through Xfinity. Altice USA is also getting a query from FCC as it is involved in a deal to use Sprint’s airwaves.

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