Verizon Will Offer Apple TV 4K as an Option in 5G Residential Broadband Packages This Year

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Last week, Verizon reveals its plan to include Apple TV 4K as a freebie in their 5G residential broadband packages. The 5G residential broadband package is a new internet plan that is set to launch in the 2nd half of the year 2018. Apple TV 4K which costs $179 in the market provides customers with access to videos on iTunes, Netflix, Hulu and Amzon Prime Video.

The reason why Verizon makes the decision to offer Apple TV 4K in the 5G plan is because 5G broadband is still new and not yet well received yet by the locals. No one will be interested in getting their cable modems replaced at an additional fee unless there is an interesting freebie.

In the past, Apple has tried hard to get into a partnership with cable companies to include the Apple TV in their subscription plans but they had little success on it. Nowadays, more and more cable companies have consented in offering the Apple TV 4K as an alternative for customers. Apple TV 4K is a black square box which you can use to play 4K videos, and cheap games.

The mission of Verizon is to become the first provider of 5G residential broadband and 5G mobile services in the USA. The new plan will only be available in 4 states including Indianapolis, Houston, Los Angeles, and Sacramento.Previously, they give customers a traditional cable box. There are other providers like US based DirecTV and Switzerland based Salt who also offer Apple TV 4K to their broadband customers.

Apple TV 4K allows broadband subscribers to access free and paid cable content via a variety of apps. The app will keep a record of the movies that you have watch so you can always refer back to the history to keep track of the watch movies. It can work with Siri and let you control different functions by giving your voice command. You can tweak its setting to allow it to start streaming fast without 5G connection.

Verizon also plan provide YouTube TV subscription as an option for subscribers because they know not every customer want an Apple TV 4K. YouTube TV costs $40/month and will provide access to 60 TV networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, Disney, and ESPN. Besides, you also get access to a number of free TV services. The team from Verizon can help you to install the Apple TV 4K while they are installing the 5G modem in your home.

Verizon did not release any information about the terms and conditions of this offer. Customers will have to choose between Apple or Google product. Verizon regularly roll out new deals. For example, recently, they offer 6 months of Apple Music subscription for the unlimited data plan.

Verizon claims that the 5G broadband offers internet connection that is 10 – 100 times faster than your current internet. It will allow your internet connection to support more devices. This is a temporary promotion because Verizon said that the offer will only be valid during the initial 5G broadband offering in the 4 cities which will take place later this year.

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